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Letter To Prospective Readers

Dear Reader,

Thanks so much for showing interest in the book Overdose: Letters From Dad.  

I hope you will read the book, but even more, I hope that reading it will be a valuable experience and perhaps even helpful for your life and its circumstances.  

There are a great many of us who have found ourselves in a position to deal with addictions (and similar problems) of those in our families and other significant ones in our lives.  

When I started writing letters to James after his death, I was not thinking of using the letters as a basis for a book.  It was simply a way for me to express my thoughts and feelings about my experiences with James, particularly those troubling times of his addiction which eventually led to his death.  I found writing the letters to be very therapeutic for me.  In writing them I felt a huge load being lifted from me.  It may not be true for others, but it was important and helpful for me to get all of that faced, expressed, and off of my chest.  In addition the letters became a wonderful way for me to reach to and find contact with James after his death.

I would love for you to send me any comments, reflections, questions, etc. which come up for you in reading the book.  The best way to give me feedback is by email at

Thanks again for your interest in this book.  My heart goes out to those of you who have gone through something like what James and I experienced.  I am convinced that sharing our stories with each other can be helpful in many ways.  Here is hoping that our story has been or will be helpful for you.

Peace to you.


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