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“A compelling and important book in this time of rapidly rising rates of addiction and overdose.”

“This writing displays one parent’s slow but sure journey from devastation and near hopelessness toward healing.”

“This, better than anything I have heard or read, shows me what my addiction and I have done to my parents and others.”

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"This is a sad story, but it is a valuable and powerful statement of the impact of drugs on those addicted and their families."

“An interesting, informative, and helpful book – especially for families whose lives have been torn apart by drug addiction.”

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A Bit About Overdose

My son, James Dison, died of an opioid overdose in 2005.  He had struggled with substance abuse/addiction most of his life.  In the year prior to his death, he made enormous progress toward becoming clean and sober.  Nevertheless, on a summer evening following a relapse that took place a few days earlier, he drove to a campsite in northern Arizona and injected himself and died.

A few months after his death I felt drawn to write letters to him as a way to try to reach to him across the enormous divide between us.  One letter became a few letters which eventually became a large stack of letters.  It is those letters that provide the basis for this book.

Jack Dison (author)

“The author’s heart is wide open and deeply personal as he shares the experience of his son’s addiction and overdose.”

“The book demonstrates the power of personal letters as a tool for grieving and processing the death of a family member.”

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Here is a photo of James and his daughter Jessica in better times.

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